Best Minimalist Running Shoes

There is lot of difference in the traditional and minimal shoes, so do not get confused as there are many things that match but still both of them are different pair of shoes and they also have different features.

Minimalist Running Shoes

Learn about the minimalist shoes

It is a kind of shoe that gives comfort to person’s feet without providing the cushioning facility. The shoes do not have motion control and they do not even support while a person is running. It makes a person feel like he/she is running bare foot. The shoes have thick layer that protects a person from the elements that come in the way when a person is running.

If you want,  you can add cushioning support to the shoes for running but we prefer to use the shoes without support if you want to enjoy the benefit of running naturally.

Outer sole of the minimalist shoes

The trail sole of the shoes can be tough as well as thin. The sole of the shoes is made of rubber that is highly compact and the best part is that they do not give you extra bouncing effect while running and they provide great protection.

Minimalist shoes are quite comfortable

The shoes are quite flexible, you can check it by taking the shoes in your hands and roll it from front to back and then from left to right, the shoe will come back to its normal position.

Heal drop in the best minimalist running shoes

You will find difference in the height of the front as well as the heal stack of the shoe. For example, if the heel stack of the shoe is 15mm to 25mm then the front sole will be 5mm to 10 mm and the heel drop will be 10mm or 15mm. If you are looking for the best shoe, then remember that the shoe must have zero heel drops. If your shoe features zero heel drop, it will not interfere the natural strides of foot while running. Some of the available brand with zero heel drops is Sketcher Go bionic, Brooks, Nike free, new balanc110’s, and Altra shoes.

For the trail enthusiasts what kind of minimalist shoes is available?

The shoes for the trail enthusiast features less of cushioning comfort as they prefer to run naturally and feel the power of running. Most of the shoes add lot of pump while running, that sometimes is quite irritating as due to lot of bounce in the body one can lose his/her motion while running. The shoes will not add extra bouncing effect to the shoes. We suggest you to go for the best minimalist running shoes having this feature.

Grab the shoes that will make you feel bare foot while running, you can test the shoes in the showroom too. Make sure that extra cushioning effect is not added to the shoes, if it can be removed from the shoe you can buy it, as it will be useful to you in case you suffer from any kind of stretches.